Now Featured on Bead & Reel

Now Featured on Bead & Reel

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We are so excited to share that we are now a featured brand on Bead & Reel, a mindful living community connecting like-minded individuals to brands that represent ethics in all facets of their business. Bead & Reel was founded by Sica Schmitz in 2014. Her site makes it easy for consumers to locate and shop ethical brands across multiple categories. At Alevan Botanica, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality products that are pure, organic and vegan; our products are handmade with no preservatives, fillers, or chemicals. We value equality and the environment and are honored to be listed among other lifestyle brands in fashion, accessories, jewelry and home products. Learn more here.

As someone who previously spent many unfulfilling years working in the fashion industry, witnessing the unethical labor and environmental practices occurring; it is of the utmost importance to me and also to co-founder Evan to make sure we are being as ethical, sustainable and mindful as possible in the creation of our products and in the running of the day-to-day in our business. Our products are designed to help you simplify your life by connecting to the present moment and creating a mindful ritual. These small moments throughout the day can lower stress, positively affect your mood, how you view yourself and others. By creating a ritual experience, you can tap into a greater sense of self.

Feel assured that with every Alevan Botanica purchase you make, you are receiving a handcrafted, plant-based, pure product every single time.

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