Alevan Botanica Story

Welcome to Alevan Botanica! I'm Alexa Bull and I am so glad you are here!

I started Alevan Botanica with the vision of a holistic lifestyle and natural wellness product brand that is hand-crafted and rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and therefore is extremely important to our immunity and well-being. What we put on our skin is something we should consider just as we consider what we consume! As a certified holistic health coach, I realize how important it is to examine not only our diet, but also our lifestyle and products we use regularly. Natural wellness products help us improve our immunity and health, as well as are non-toxic and clean additions to our daily lives.

All of our products are hand-made, in small batches in our studio located in Central Illinois. Our ingredient list is always high-quality, pure and short. Alevan Botanica believes a shorter ingredient list and a shorter shelf life are key to better health. Each product is a representation of our ethos, down to the very last detail. 

  • We believe in simplicity and quality.
  • We believe in open-mindedness and creativity.
  • We believe and stand for wellness for all.

Natural wellness is something we all deserve access to. I truly believe and stand for health and wellness for all. We all deserve to have these natural wellness healing tools from nature, from plants, as a part of our daily rituals and daily experiences. My promise to you is that Alevan Botanica products are always organic, hand-crafted, holistic and accessible in price.

I am an Ayurvedic Health Coach, Aromatherapist and Yoga teacher. I am board certified as a Holistic Health Counselor through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (A.A.D.P.). I trained under Dr. Naina Marballi, B.S.A.M., D.A.C. Ayurvedacharya in NYC, as well as studied at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.

My journey to finding my path in the wellness space is a personal one; I spent over 6 years working in high-stress, unfulfilling jobs in several metropolitan cities while watching my mental and physical health deteriorate, I left my career path to devote herself to natural wellness through the mediums of yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition and aromatherapy. During the early years of my studies, I was always making products for myself as well as friends and family; that led to the start of Alevan Botanica during the COVID-19 Pandemic quarantine in NYC. The time spent at home allowed me to realize my dream of sharing this knowledge with a wider audience and allowing people to discuss a new way of living, simply by adding a small ritual into their daily routines and rituals. I am devoted to spreading this knowledge through workshops, education, individualized health coaching and the creation of holistic products. 

I want to hear from you! Please reach out through emailinstagram or visiting my personal website.