The Energy Set

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Revitalize your soul this season with our energy set.  Designed to uplift and inspire body, mind and spirit. The Energy Set contains the following Alevan Botanica Essential Oil Products: Awaken Spritz, Restore Diffuser Blend and Bliss Roller Blend.

Awaken Spritz 1 oz

Awaken Spritz 1 oz: An aromatic spritzer made with the highest quality essential oils. Mist onto your face or in your home in the morning for a burst of energy or throughout your day to re-energize and re-focus. Awaken Spritz is great to keep at your desk for an afternoon work or study break. Safe for daily and frequent use.

JUNIPER BERRY: Detoxifying and cleansing. Good for Kapha imbalance.
LEMON: Air purifying and refreshing. Helpful for Kapha congestion.
EUCALYPTUS: Uplifting and cooling. Good for Kapha imbalance.

Restore Diffuser Blend

Restore Diffuser Blend: Fill your space with the soothing aroma of citrus and vetiver. The citrus uplifts and revitalizes while the grounding aroma of vetiver calms and stabilizes. Freshen and cleanse the air around you with an extra boost for your mental and emotional body.

VETIVER: Grounding and centering. Grounds Vata and cools Pitta doshas.
GRAPEFRUIT: Uplifting and air purifying. Reduces excess Kapha.
LEMONGRASS: Rejuvenating and cleansing. Stimulates agni without aggravating Pitta dosha.

Bliss Roller Blend

Bliss Roller Blend: Experience a burst of happiness with this roll-on blend that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of spice. Elevate your mood while enjoying feelings of relaxation and happiness. Apply to pulse points.

SWEET ORANGE: Refreshing and rejuvenating. Stabilizes and uplifts emotions.
GINGER: Warming and cleansing. Ayurveda refers to ginger as universal medicine.
YLANG YLANG: Mood-boosting and anxiety-reducing. Soothes excess Vata and Pitta.
BERGAMOT: Fresh citrus aroma. Mood-lifting and stress-relieving.