Alevan Botanica Mother's Day Gift Guide

2023 Alevan Botanica Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day is almost here. This mother's day it is time to practice self-care. Whether you are shopping for yourself or the women in your life - moms, aunts, sisters, teachers, or friends. Our line of organic products is a beautiful way to honor the women who have loved you unconditionally from the start. No matter the intention or need - we have a product to match.


Our 2023 Alevan Botanica Top Picks:


Ground Roller Blend - this blend is calming and uplifting at the same time. Something all moms need throughout the day. The soothing aroma of frankincense, cedarwood and sweet orange gently lift the mood and emotions. For on-the-go, everyday mindfulness and connection to self. 

The Postpartum Set - our brand new collection brings together all of the best products for after giving birth. Evening Spritz is balancing to hormones and relaxing; Queen roller blend is designed specifically for female wellness throughout the cycle and phases of life and the postpartum tea is an after-birth must have for nutrient replenishment, lactation promotion and warming of the body after birth. A perfect set for the new moms and mamas-to-be in your life!

Alevan Botanica Postpartum Set

Queen Roller Blend - quickly becoming a bestseller in the Alevan line, this blend is beloved by all ages of women. It is luxurious, sensual and balancing to hormones. Probably the best way to honor the queens in your life!

Diffuser Collection - For the mom with a diffuser in every room of their home, for the mom who wants nontoxic and organic everything, and for the mom with little ones so candles are a no-no; the diffuser collection features all three of our signature blends.

Travel Spritz Set - For the moms looking to travel this year or take a summer vacation, the travel spritz set is carry-on sized for easy transport and the easiest way to stay grounded and make a hotel or new space feel like home. 
Postpartum Mama Tea - a tea I created several years ago for my postpartum health coaching clients. This was the tea I drank 1-2 times per day for several months after giving birth. It is soothing and herbal in taste with amazing ingredients such as nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf, red raspberry leaf, chamomile among others. 
Hope this guide helps you find the perfect choice for yourself and the women in your life. Our products are focused on holistic wellness - organic ingredients to help you feel your best and scent yourself and your space in a non-toxic and clean way. Here's to all the amazing mothers out there; you are so very loved. Happy Mother's Day!

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