The Ritual of Herbal Tea

The Ritual of Herbal Tea

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Enjoying a cup of tea is ritual that can bring peace, comfort and mindfulness to your day. It is a beautiful way to take a moment away from the busyness of the day, to practice mindfulness and presence while you brew and while you sip. Not only can we find benefit from the ingredients of the tea but slowing down is soothing and necessary for our nervous system. 

Our Alevan Botanica teas, such as Pitta Soothe and Love, are designed to help your nervous system in a positive way, whether that be in the postpartum season of life or a hot summer day. Some of our favorite ingredients are described in more detail below:

Chamomile - While chamomile is most well-known for its soothing and relaxing properties, this herb also has benefits for digestion. It is great for bloating or indigestion, great for children and adults. Chamomile helps us when we are stressed, overwhelmed and helps us reduce our need for complaining. Enjoy chamomile in our Postpartum Mama tea and Love tea.

Rose - Most of us can picture the smell of roses; rose makes a great addition to herbal blends with its floral aroma. Rose has an affinity for the heart space and helps us feel calm and cultivate love for ourselves and others. It is also cooling to mind and helpful in times of stress, anger or agitation. You can find hints of rose in our Pitta Soothe and Love Tea.

Lavender - Lavender essential oil is a staple in many of our blends but there is also benefit to consuming lavender in food and tea. It is calming and one of the best stress-relieving herbs. Lavender increases blood supply to the mind and helps ease tension from work or work stress. Enjoy lavender in our Love tea.

Peppermint - Peppermint is by nature cooling to the body and mind; this herb is helpful for digestion, easing headaches and/or tension and has been shown to be helpful for sleep. A familiar flavor to most of us; there are numerous benefits to this tasty herb.

Hibiscus - My personal favorite herbal tea ingredient. Hibiscus is rich with antioxidants; this herb also can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Hibiscus is also cooling to body and mind, making it a perfect tea to drink in the summer months. Enjoy hibiscus in our Pitta Soothe tea, our first tea in the collection.

All of these ingredients are safe to consume, delicious in taste and available in our tea blends. All of our teas are naturally preservative and caffeine free, making them a great addition to your afternoon or evening routine.

Making our teas are easy as you can simply place a spoonful or two into a tea strainer, place in hot water as steep for desired strength. I love taking some mindful breaths as the tea steeps. Our tea collection will continue to grow in the coming months. Have a question or want to see a type of tea? Feel free to email me at

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