Alevan Botanica Ayurvedic Habits for Kapha Season

Ayurvedic Habits for Kapha Season

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While most of us think of the year in seasons, Ayurveda divides the year by dosha. Kapha season is late winter to spring and the season we are entering into.  The weather and our environment can have a great effect on our mood and how we feel. Ayurveda sets us up with practical steps we can take to feel balanced, even during the long, cold and dark season of winter. For me personally, I love the quiet time to focus on goals and self-care during the winter; but by mid-January or February, I am definitely missing sunshine and outdoor activities.

The best way to focus on your wellness during this time comes down to three simple things: stay active, stay warm and eat well. 

How should we eat in Kapha season?

An Ayurvedic principle to always consider: like increases like, opposite decreases the other. Simply put, this means that if we are cold, why would we want to consume cold food to feel our best? In this time of cold weather, we want to support our digestion as it is naturally a bit slower this time of year.

This means warming spices, curries, stews and soups. Warm tea, such as our Pitta Soothe, over iced beverages. A reduction in heavy foods such as excessive dairy, salt, and sweets. Spices that are great to incorporate into your cooking at this time are turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and cloves. Truly all spices are great this time of year and the best time for spicy food if you enjoy. 

How can you boost your mood and energy?

Exercise is so important during this time of year. Remember, that Kapha energy can be prone to stagnation and heaviness if not energized during this time. Focus on a more active yoga practice, cardio a couple times a week and try to find a workout that you truly enjoy!

Essential oils can powerfully affect our mood; in times of needing an emotional boost, focus on oils that you genuinely enjoy the smell of. Try keeping a favorite roller, such as Aura, at your workplace and your favorite diffuser blend, such as Soothe, by your bedside to remind yourself of a healthy self-care moment throughout your day. 

Kapha season is a great time to focus on more invigorating, yet warming essential oils such as eucalyptus and rosemary. It is also very important to keep your skin moisturized and your lymphatic system healthy. Dry brushing is a great habit to practice before your morning or evening shower or bath

How can you stay inspired and energized in winter?

Set goals or intentions that you actually want to achieve or work towards. Read a new book or learn a new skill. It is a time to keep your mind engaged and stimulated as you embrace your passions. Some ideas for you this season: get a new cookbook and start cooking more, begin or deepen a meditation practice, focus on presence with your loved ones, set a weekly time to connect with a friend either on facetime or in person. 

However you feel about winter this year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, practicing this simple Ayurvedic tips will help you feel more balanced and well during this season. Here's to a cozy, warm, inspired start of the new year! 


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