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Alevan Botanica Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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This year we are extra grateful for the hope + love this time of year brings. Ever since I was young, I have truly loved the act of gift-giving; taking time to find an extra special gift for those I love. Although we may not be seeing all of our loved ones in person this year, we can show our love and sentiment by sharing the gift of self-care, which we all need!

Read on to see our holiday picks for everyone on your list.

1. For the Wellness Guru: Diffuser Blend Set $59 

For the morning meditator, the self-care guru, or the fitness fan: give the gift of happy diffusing! A lovely way to fill your space with aroma no matter your workout class or self-care day activity. This set features our Restore Blend, Soothe Blend and Divine Blend.

 Diffuser Blends

2. For the Busy Parents: Roller Blend Set $38

For the on the go and always active parents, the Roller Blend Set is perfect to for throwing into their bag. Featuring a blend for every type of needed-remedy, whether it is headache, too much shoulder tension or a needed moment of zen, the roller blend set will become their new must-have.

Essential Oil Roller Blends

3. For the Night Owl: The Sleep Set $47

Whether its your best friend who never wants to make plans in the morning because of late bedtimes or your family member who is looking to improve their sleep, the Sleep Set is a dreamy trifecta of our favorite products for deep rest. Sweet Dreams!

4. For the Hard-Worker: The Energy Set $41

Even the busiest boss lady (or guy!) need a moment for themselves! Our Energy Set is the perfect gift for your colleague, your college niece or nephew or your favorite entrepreneur. 

Alevan Botanica Energy Set

5. For the Lover: The Harmony Set $37

Whether a gift for your lover or for anyone in your life who loves LOVE, the Harmony Set is all about passion, relaxation and indulgent self-care. Featuring exotic florals and smoky notes, they will be sure to love this set! XOXO!

6. For the Essential Oils Newbie: Travel Spritz Collection $35

Someone on your list new to essential oils? Introduce them to our most popular set, the Travel Spritz Collection. A sampler of goodness to be used as a face mist, room spray or even mask spray throughout the day!


*Adding all to wishlist* Enjoy shopping this holiday season and thank you for shopping really means the world to us. Any questions at all, feel free to reach out through our contact page.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season filled with self-care!  

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