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Unwind after Work with Essential Oils

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Setting up time to unwind and decompress after work is an important part of a healthy evening routine. Especially with so many of us working from home these days from our kitchen table or living room, it is important to create a clear transition for the body and mind so that relaxation can begin, setting yourself up for a night of deep, nourishing rest.

First things first, start a clear end time for work (whenever possible!), leave your worries and to-do list "at work" and change your clothes. This will begin to set the transition.

Evening time should be spent indulging in self-care, catching up with friends or family and detoxing from a day of technology. Try to eat an early, light dinner and avoid scrolling or watching too much TV. It is best to aim for a consistent bed time around 10PM so that you are ready to wake up early and begin a new day with vitality.

In addition to using essential oils, try an evening guided meditation or short yin yoga flow. Keep movements calm and slow to allow the nervous system to relax after your day. You can also take a walk in nature followed by gentle stretching.

Unwind with Alevan Botanica Products


  • Evening Spritz: As it is rightfully named, this spritz is designed for after work! Evening Spritz is floral and woodsy allowing for feelings of love and groundedness to fill up your cup. Think notes of Patchouli, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang...feeling relaxed yet?
  • Divine Diffuser Blend: This blend is created for self-care, allowing harmony between mind and body as well as cultivating feelings of compassion and gratitude.
  • Aura Roller Blend: Still feeling a bit tense? Aura is our cooling blend, perfect for melting away any remaining shoulder/neck tension or any lingering headaches from screen time. Apply this Roller Blend on the back of the neck and temples to experience the cooling effect of Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. 

Looking for the works? Shop our Harmony Set for all of our favorite evening products. Here's to more relaxing evenings this Fall season and all the cozy self-care rituals!

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