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How to Take Care of Your Essential Oils and Alevan Botanica Products

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Essential oils have amazing properties and benefits to the body, mind and soul. It is important to know your products as well as know how to store and use them. 

Essential oils have in general around a two to five year shelf life. It is best to store your essential oils and essential oil products away from heat and light. The reason we use amber glass bottles to provide protection from UV rays from the sun and light that is similar to sunlight.

A major thing to consider also is quality; it is important to only purchase essential oils from companies you know and trust. Look for the Latin name to know that you are getting the essential oil you are paying for. Make sure there are no additives. Check out our ingredients page to learn more about the essential oils we use in our products.

Citrus oils have a shorter-shelf life than oils that are more viscous such as Patchouli or Vetiver. If you live in a very warm climate or your home is very warm, it is also okay to store citrus oils in the refrigerator. 

General Tips for using your Alevan Botanica Essential Oil Products


  • Keep products stored away from children. Our spritz collection and diffuser blend collection are safe to diffuse in your home or spray onto linens with children and/or pets but keep the bottles stored out of reach from kids and pets.
  • Do not apply Diffuser Blends directly to skin. If you want to apply essential oil to skin, try our Roller Blends or Spritz Collection. Diffuser blends have no base oil and can irritate skin if applied directly to skin.
  • A little goes a long way! Essential oils are powerful and healing; use smaller amounts more frequently for best results.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose and ears. None of our products are for internal use.
  • Stop use if any skin irritation occurs. Do not use products on inflamed or broken skin.
  • Age matters! Use a lower dilution or lower quantity for elderly and/or very young children.

In general, with these basic guidelines, essential oils are healing tools that are safe for use. If you are brand new to essential oils, try using a diffuser and an Alevan Botanica Diffuser Blend to fill your space with aroma. Soon you will be enjoying the many benefits of essential oils!

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