Aromatherapy for Your Dosha

Aromatherapy for Your Dosha

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According to Ayurveda, essential oils contain the life force, or prana, of the plant. Essential oils can come from various parts of a plant including the flowers, resin, wood, bark, leaves, fruit or roots. In most instances, essential oils from flowers are sedating and relaxing while essential oils from roots are literally "grounding" to our mood and energies. Essential oils from resins and woods active move fluids around the body and essentials oils from fruits, like sweet orange, are uplifting, opening and expanding.

Top, Middle & Base Notes

Essential oils that are top notes tend to have a sharp, fruity and vibrant aroma that helps to stimulate, uplift and motivate the body and mind. These oils are aid in detoxifying, cleansing and stimulating the body systems. Examples of top notes you can find Alevan Botanica products include bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, peppermint and lemongrass. These oils are particularly beneficial for Kapha dosha and Kapha-related imbalances like lethargy, lack of enthusiasm or heaviness in the mind.

Middle Notes are often essential oils with aromas that are floral, herbaceous or evergreen. These oils bing balance and equilibrium to the body and mind, regulate either over-activity or under-activity. By nature, most of these oils and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Examples of middle notes you can find in Alevan Botanica products include ylang ylang, lavender, clary sage, and geranium. Middle notes are beneficial to Pitta dosha and Pitta-related imbalances such as burnout, adrenal fatigue, agitation or acidity. 

Last but not least, base notes are earthy, woody and sometimes sweet. These oils are deeply soothing and relaxing, allowing for a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Examples of base notes you can find in Alevan Botanica products include patchouli, vetiver, frankincense, and cedarwood. These oils are particularly beneficial for Vata dosha and any Vata-related imbalances such as anxiety and restlessness.

Essential Oils by Dosha

For Kapha dosha or times when you need more energy, we recommend Awaken Spritz, Coffee Scrub, Aura Roller, and Bright Roller

For Vata dosha or times when you need to feel grounded and calm, we recommend Ritual Spritz, Serene Roller, Relax Massage Oil and Soothe Diffuser Blend.

For Pitta dosha or times you feel burnt out and agitated, we recommend Bliss Roller, Queen Spritz, Divine Diffuser Blend and Pitta Soothe Tea.

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