Benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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Let's discuss ylang ylang and why this oil is found in several of our products, including the Divine diffuser blend and Bliss roller blend

Ylang ylang, known as cananga odorata, is a flowering plant. The essential oil is made from the distillation of the flowers. Any essential oils from flowers help connect us to love and our heart space. This essential oil can be described as warm, sweet, sensual and exotic. As someone who is not particularly drawn to flower essential oils, this is one that I have always gravitated towards in my blending. 

Cananga odorata has an affinity for the reproductive system, the heart, the psyche and our emotional being. In Ayurveda, this oil is considered balancing for all doshas but especially Vata and Pitta. This oil eases anger, frustration and fear. 

Ylang ylang exhibits antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, nervine and aphrodisiac properties. It is helpful for releasing endorphins, PMS as well as dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, cultivating joy and building confidence. Ylang ylang is also particularly beneficial for oily/combination skin and scalp as it regulates sebum production. 

Ways to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil:


  • Diffuse Divine diffuser blend in the afternoon and early evening to reduce feelings of frustration or stress and let go of your day.
  • Rub Bliss roller blend onto your palms and wrists and take several deep breaths. Inhalation of ylang ylang essential oil exhibits harmonizing activity in the mind and body.
  • Mist Evening Spritz onto your pillows before bed for grounding and calming energy.

Ylang ylang is featured in numerous of our blends because of the amazing benefits to our nervous system. Try out all of our ylang ylang products to create a ritual for yourself that eases tension and invites love into our lives, self-love and love for those in our life. Whether you prefer a roller blend, diffuser blend or a spritz, you can incorporate ylang ylang into your self-care. This oil is one I always recommend when someone is working to find balance in mental and emotional health; it is a beautiful oil that connects us deeper to our heart space.

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