Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

Benefits of Bergamot

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Bergamot is a favorite citrus oil of mine. Citrus Bergamia is a part of the Rutaceae family and the essential oil is expressed from the peel/zest of the small, green fruit. Interesting fact about the fruit: it is typically too sour to eat! Originating in Italy, Bergamot is named for the Italian city of Bergamo. Bergamot is used in perfumes and fragrance, as well as an ingredient in Earl Grey Tea. The sweet and slightly spicy aroma is definitely beloved around the world.

Bergamot has an affinity with the skin and the nervous system; it is very helpful to uplift emotions without being too stimulating. Bergamot is soothing for the nerves and some symptoms of depression; it helps to lift our mood and spirits when we use through a roller blend or diffuser or even direct inhalation from the bottle. It is a great essential oil to look for when shopping for daytime roller blends.

Aside from the amazing emotional benefits of Bergamot, there are many uses for skin conditions such as acne, moist eczema, oily skin and wounds. Try adding a drop or two to your facial or body oil. As this is a citrus oil, never apply directly to skin and go into the sun! Make sure to always test on a small part of your skin to make sure there is no irritation. In our Alevan Botanica products, we use the Bergapten-free Bergamot essential oil so no phototoxicity will occur from the sun. Remember to ALWAYS make sure you dilute this essential oil with a carrier oil before applying directly onto the skin!

If you a new to using essential oils, this is a great oil to add to your collection because of all its functional properties. Great for the skin, lung and nervous system! 

Our Favorite Ways to use Bergamot Essential Oil

  • Diffuse for calming energy during the day, at home or in the office.
  • Use your Bliss Roller Blend on pulse points to breath in the aroma
  • Add 1-2 drops of bergamot essential oil to a body or face oil
  • Breathe in bergamot right from the bottle to clear lungs and boost immunity

Bergamot is helpful to all doshas when you experiencing stress. Citrus oils, such as Bergamot, are also going to be helpful for Kapha imbalances: heaviness, lethargy and/or stagnation. Kapha imbalances most often occur in the cold, dark winter months, hence the name Kapha season, and using citrus oils in a roller blend or diffuser blend is way to stay energized and happy. Bergamot is uplifting but also calming making it not too heating for Pitta and not too stimulating for Vata. 

Bergamot is incredibly versatile with a highly pleasant aroma. We love Bergamot as an uplifting day-time oil to use at home or at work to stay positive and focused. Our Bliss Roller Blend makes for great, subtle daytime fragrance. Enjoy the citrus-y spice of Bergamot!

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