Self-Care for the Holiday Season

Self-Care for the Holiday Season

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With the year it has been, now more than ever we need to prioritize our self-care in these times. We can only show up for others once we have shown up for ourselves.

Self-care is one of those words that is a buzz-word these days making it seem like it needs to be a spa day or expensive experience. Self-care is unique to each of us; it does not need to be elaborate or expensive to have a profound affect. Self-care is about seeking wellness in all aspects of ourselves: body, mind and spirit. How can we prioritize our self-care during the holidays to begin 2021 with energy, passion and inspiration?

For a lot of us this Thanksgiving week looks different; with so many of us not traveling, it may feel like a challenging time (I feel it too!). Let's use this week to start habits and rituals that will help carry us though the holidays.

Here are a few self-care practices, inspired by Ayurveda and aromatherapy, to prioritize this time of year to feel healthy inside and out.

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep! 

Let's face it: most of us are not getting adequate sleep. Sleep is so important for all aspects of our health and immunity. Try carving out time each evening for a short unwinding ritual. Try a warm bath, guided meditation, restorative yoga and our Sleep Set to embrace deep rest.

2. Move your body in a way that feels good to you.

Maybe it is yoga, maybe it is a HIIT or Barre class, maybe a winter hike; whatever inspires you to move, do it and do it daily! Daily movement reduces stagnation in the body and mind as well as reduces Kapha imbalance which can happen this time of year.

3. Use essential oils (even if just smelling right from the bottle!).

Check out our Sleep Post about all the lovely essential oils to help you stay calm and grounded. We love the Harmony Set for unwinding after work and our Sleep Set in the bedroom. Feeling calm just thinking about these Alevan Botanica blends!

4. Nightly yin yoga postures/stretching.

Maybe you do not have time for an entire yoga class but carve out the time for a couple deep stretches daily, morning and/or night. Try legs up the wall or a restorative bridge to feel restored and grounded!

5. Meditate.

Whether you are brand-new or an experienced meditator, there is a type of meditation for everyone. Work to meditate at least once a day, even better if you can morning and night.

6. Journal.

This has been a new self-care practice for me this year and wow, will it always be apart of my daily ritual from here on out! You can try guided journal or just use a blank notebook to let it all out. Pen and paper is best if you can!

7. Cook warm, nourishing meals.

Allow yourself to enjoy the act of preparing and cooking your meal. When we cook with love and positive energy, we absorb this energy as we consume the food. Lots of root vegetables, ghee, spices and healthy grains!

8. Drink herbal tea.

All the warm beverages as the temperatures continue to drop! Try making your own ginger-lemon tea or CCF tea with cumin, coriander and fennel to stimulate digestive and soothe any stress starting from the gut.

9. Hydrate your skin.

Exfoliate the dryness of this time of year and then moisturize. Try abhyanga (self-oil massage) using sesame oil with a couple drops of lavender and orange in the morning or at night. Use our Serene Roller Blend before bed for extra calming; apply to soles of feet and wrists.

10. Social Media Detox.

This is such a crucial part of self-care in today's world. For some of us who use social media for their jobs/brand, this can be extra challenging. Try scheduling your posts in advance and always keep phone out of your bedroom. Since using social media is apart of your job, keep it only during the workday. Try scheduling at least one day a month (a week even better!) of no phone and technology usage; it is so powerful and so liberating!

These simple tips (most are free!) can have a lasting impact on your self-care. I try to practice all of these tips throughout the week to stay balanced and calm. These practices will help you stay mindful and present as you move through the holidays and beyond. Looking for nutrition coaching or in need of a more in-depth individualized reset? Learn more about my health coach offerings and schedule your free discovery call.

Here's to a healthy and restorative holiday season!

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